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    CY8CKIT-059 Kitprog not working



      I snapped off the kit programmer that came with the CY8CKIT-059 development board, and soldered on a female and a male connectors to the the snapped away programmer and development board.   They work fine when I plug them back together using the connectors.


      Then, I have a custom made PCB that has a CY8C5468 chip on it, which it works with the MiniProg3, but not the kitprog.  Neither psoc programmer nor psoc creator can acquire device.


      In psoc creator, it simply said:

                                                                   "There was an error running port acquire: SWD request returned Failed status".


      In Psoc programmer, it said more or less the same thing:

                                                                    " | FAILED! SWD request returned Failed status

                                                                      | Please, check the following items:

                                                                      |  - the connection between the programmer and the PSoC;

                                                                      |  - the correct programming protocol is selected;

                                                                      |  - the correct connector option is selected."


      I have checked/tried:

      • Direction of the connector, they are obviously correct the custom made board is powered off the kitprog
      • Update the kitprog firmware
      • Change the mode in kitprog(long pressing the button)
      • Apply external power when programming
      • Erase the firmware.  After erasing the firmware(using miniprog3) in the psoc creator, the chip shows up grayed out as "PSoC5"(without detailed part number), and it says: "This device was recognized, but PSoC Creator does not support using it as this time"
      • Power reset at different times


      Has anyone seen this problem before? isn't the kitprog supposed to work with all 5lp chips?