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    I2C (and SPI) Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Gas Sensor (BME680)


      I was looking for an air quality sensor,

      although I've tried some, controlling heater of the sensor

      was somewhat difficult and so far I have not had any reasonable

      read-out from the sensors/modules I've tired.


      Then I came across this one, the heater can be controlled via I2C or SPI.

      So I gave a try.


      It was easy up to read and write registers via I2C,

      then I noticed that configuring the parameters and

      calculating the read value to something reasonable

      were not quite easy.


      So it was the time to read the datasheet seriously,

      and I found that Bosch was providing a couple of lifesavers.

      (1) Open Source Driver via the github



      (2) Bosch Sensortec BSEC Software



      Since (2) requires SLA (Software License Agreement), I decided to go with (1).

      Note: To calculate the gas resistor value to IAQ Index probably (2) is required.



      The open-source driver also came with self-test.

      Which is quite helpful to confirm that the hardware is at least functioning.


      But meantime, I noticed that as the self test utilizes heater a lot,

      after the test, the temperature read outs starts rather high.