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    COM port on PSoC dev kit CY8CKIT-050 (USB-UART )


      I'm using CY8CKIT-050 dev kit with PSoC chip CY8C5868AXI-LP035, and trying to employ UART [v.2.50] on a very simple design to just see if PC can detect a COM port thus communicate with the kit via hyper terminal through mini-USB port J2 on the dev kit.

      I understand that on PSoC dev kit CY8CKIT-059, KitProg is the part responsible for this type of communication, while on 050 there is no KitProg circuitry available, at least per schematics. And from what I see in windows device manager,only DVKProg 5 (relative to mini-USB J1 for programming the board) is present as a USB device w/o any COM port associated.

      I wired P12[6] and P12[7] which are assigned to UART RX/TX pins, to RX, TX ( P5[1], P5[2]) on the prototyping area respectively which are in turn connected to DB-9 serial port, but didn't change anything.


      I also downloaded the latest programmer software and devie drivers, so am pretty sure every thing is updated.


      Does it mean that on PSoC dev kit CY8CKIT-050, there is no USB-UART bridge like KitProg on PSoC dev kit CY8CKIT-059 so the only way for hyper terminal session is through DB-9 connector?