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    failed to execute MI command while Debugging  in demo https_client.c

      Debug Breakpoints in demo https client.c by demo board BCM943362WCD4.It Happened:

                    failed to execute MI command:

                    -stack-list-frames 0 0

                    Error messages from debugger back end:

                    Invalid thread id:1

      Thread[1] disappeared at the same time.



      I debugged with WICED-SDK 3.1.2 which running Windows XP SP3 V6223 En Version. 

      I Modied WIFI parameters in WICED-SDK-3.1.2\Wiced-SDK\include\default_wifi_config_dct.h:

                    #define CLIENT_AP_SSID   "999LO777VE999-WR-4"

                    #define CLIENT_AP_PASSPHRASE "wwwlove333666999com"

      other Code from the Wiced-SDK-3.1.2-IDE-Installer.exe are NOT modified.


      What's wrong?