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    an92239 and the Advanced Low Pass filter library


      http://www.cypress.com/documentation/application-notes/an92239-proximity-sensing-capsense discusses an Advanced Low Pass filter, ALP and this filter was suggested to me by a Cypress FAE a few weeks ago.  I tried to insert this into my project and realized this ALP library uses the older API.  I need to use the newer CapSense v5.0 and the ALP library is provided as a library only so I don't get source code (and thus I can't fix the 17 references to the old API that the linker detects in the library).


      @Cypress or anyone else, is there a version of the ALP library that has been updated to the new CapSense API?


      Or maybe another question is, is there some other library that is similar to the ALP thus making ALP obsolete, ie why has it not been updated?   That kind of filtering and thresholding function is crucial to good performance in proximity sensors I would think.   My application has the same needs, filter out noise to get a good SNR and then threshold the signal to get a response.


      Thank you in advance!

      Bryan Hunt