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    Communication with an USB device - CY8CKIT-059

      Hello community,


      I'm new here and also inexperienced by working with Post, yet.


      The problem I have at the moment, is the communication with an USB-device, in my case a barcode scanner. To keep the explanation short:

      I want to store/save the scanned barcode (as a string). Due to that I bought a scanner and want to receive the code with the Psoc. The Scanner is using USB.

      Now my question/problem:

      As I know the USB-device needs a host to be able to communicate. I read that the Psoc itself can't function as a host and therefore it is not possible realize the whole concept as I thought/planed... (Am I right with that?)


      Does someone could help me or has an idea how I could solve this problem. Maybe with a converter or something like that?!



      Thanks a lot!