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    CX3 Image sensor not outputting MIPI data after initialization


      Hi All,

      I have designed a camera interface for the OV5647 image sensor using the CX3.  I have replaced the e-con systems libCX3OV5640 module with code to initialize the OV5647 sensor.  In this code, I have used Cy3U3PDebugPrint() statements to know that the sensor is being correctly programmed (it acknowledges all the register writes).


      At the end of initialization, the sensor is not outputting any video data on the MIPI bus.  Whereas, when I examine the E-Con Systems RDK, I see OV5640 sensor output after 2 is written to 0x3008 as the last step of initialization.


      I was under the impression that once the sensor is initialized it begins streaming data and the CX3 simply receives and transfers it to the PC.  But there seems to be more to it than that.  Can anyone explain?


      Any comments much appreciated.