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    20706-A2_Bluetooth I2C example

      Hi All,

      I am looking for the sample code to run the I2C. Currently, Wiced Studio just supports for SPI, dont have I2C.

      Thanks in advance

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          Not sure if we have a ready example for I2C. Will check.


          We have I2C APIs for 20706. Please refer the wiced_hal_i2c.h file in WICED Studio ( /20706-A2_Bluetooth/include/wiced_hal_i2c.h )

          Also you can refer the snip from 20719 folder (/20719-B1_Bluetooth/apps/snip/hal/i2c_master) and try porting the same on 20706 with help of APIs from wiced_hal_i2c.h file




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