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    OTA BLE stack timing issue


      I have an application running on the CYBLE-222014-01 that has a BLE notification triggered by an external interrupt ranging from 10Hz to 50Hz.  During each notification event, the device grabs 8 bytes of data from an external device via I2C and transmits it to the host.  The application works every well.  However, with the OTA upgradeable BLE stack integration, I can no longer maintain a stable connection.  The host side, CySmart, will report a connection timeout, while the device side the connection LED will still show a connection.  The external interrupt is still running and being serviced, I can confirm this on the logic analyzer.  The drop event happens a lot faster as the interrupt rate increases.  The strange thing is that all other non BLE related function on my application works just fine.  It seems like just the BLE stack is having issues.  Has anyone experienced anything similar?  Does the BLE stack in the bootloader mode have a different timing specification?  How does one go about tuning such parameter?


      Thanks in advance,