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    Unable to open device in Linux

      Hello, now I'm trying to use freesoc device in Linux.

      But I got always error about unable to open device.


      This program was developed by the predecessor.

      So I didn't added any changes to my program.


      After I've programmed the PSoC_EMG on my freesoc board,I changed OS from Windows to Linux.

      But always after running lsusb and udev test command on terminal, I got below messages.


      >home/username lsusb


      Bus 003 Device 002: ID 04b4:f131 Cypress Semiconductor



      From this message, I know that PC can recognize my freesoc board.


      >home/username udevadm test /sys/bus/usb/devices/usb/3-2

      ...(many lines of reading rules.d )

      Unable to open device

      Unload module index

      Unloaded link configuration context.


      And I also run Test.cpp code. It stops at the function of

      r = libusb_claim_interface(handle, INTF_NUM);

      maybe I cannot claim the interface of freesoc.


      How can I open this device from Linux??

      I'm very worrying.

      Please help...


      My setup environment is...

      >Windows 10

      >Ubuntu 16.04

      >PSC Creator 4.2

      >freesoc explorer (CY8C5868AXI - LP035)


      Thanks in advance.

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          I tried to build your project but faced some issue...

          could you please share the project with us?

          And, since no linux/ubuntu environment is available here now, it would take some time to respond...



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            Hi tamx.


            Thanks for your reply.

            I'm sorry for your error when you build the program.

            But I don't have confidence for my modified program.


            Anyway I attached new one. In my PSoC creator, there isn't error.

            Please check.


            I know that almost people use PSoC in Windows. So it is natural not to have Linux environment. I'm very appreciate for your cooperation.





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              Hi, I found a little bit progress.


              When I programmed very simple program like code example( attached ).

              I can find my device from Linux OS. Like below..


              Bus 003 Device 003: ID 1111:2222 Pandora International Ltd.


              But after I changed the code with problem, Linux could not recognize freeSoC as it was.

              In addition to that, PSoC USB cable( not for debugging) isn't recognized at all when I programmed the code with problem.

              It is recognized properly for debugging plug.


              When I was using Windows, it happened to appear the error "Device Descriptor Request Failed".


              Although I have thought that OS can detect devices automatically, it's not.


              If I can find the difference between simple code and problem code, it will be the solution for me...


              Do you know something about this?