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    Using FX3 to transfer data by PC streamer app


      Burned AN87216 prebuilt images (autoMaster.img & autoSlave.img) into 2 FX3 boards, used PC streamer app to send data from BULKOUT of autoSlave to BULKIN of autoMaster.


      When USB 2.0 ports under WIN10 was used, the throughput was nearly 17MBps without fail.



      However, when USB 3.0 ports under WIN10 are used, the throughput was really terrible. The failure rate was very high, only few data could be received. When the "Timeout per xfer" was reduced to 50ms, the success rate was stable. I have tried 2 different PC with USB 3.0, the same result was got. I don't expect high failure rate and low throughput when USB 3.0 ports are used, please kindly advise.