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    Support voltage levels over 20V




      We have some use-cases where we use our own USB-C sink devices connect to our USB-C source device and where we want to source higher voltage levels than 20V. We have created updated PDO (fixed voltage) and they get's selected and we apply the higher voltage. We can deliver 21V but over 22V the CCG4 shuts down with the following  HPI codes (on the source-side)


      90 18 18 00 VDM Received

      a6 00 00 00 EMCA Detected

      b8 01 01 00 Unknown event

      85 00 00 00 Type C Port Disconnect Detected


      There is an event with code b8 which we don't know since we have only the old (3.0.x) HPI doc. Can you figure out what happends?


      When OVP is enabled we get an OVP error as well, when turning off OVP


      #define VBUS_OVP_ENABLE                             (0u)


      we still get the problem above. Looks like there is some other code that doesn't like voltage over 20V? We have also looked at the VBUS_MON ADC but can't see why it shouldn't work?


      Any ideas?




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          Hi Olof,


          Firstly, if you are adding PDO higher than 20V, CCGx shall be not supported, since it is out of range of Type-C and Power delivery SPEC.


          Second, the unknown event with  "B8" can be found information in latest HPI SPEC, feel free to contact local Cypress windows to get the latest one.


          Best Regards,