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    Setting value of CY7S1061GE30 for TI hercules EMIF interface.


      Dear Cypress,



      I am checking the CY7S1061GE30 that is entered into Custom B/D with TI hercules rm48x.


      In order to use this SRAM, I need to set correct values into EMIF register.


      Below captured screen is TI Halcogen HMI which generates HAL(Hardware Abstraction Layer) code.

      I'm trying to find below values (ASYNC1 Timings : W_SETUP, W_STROBE, W_HOLD, R_SETUP, R_STROBE, R_HOLD).


      The clock is set as 100 MHz now. so I assume that 1 cycle is 10 ns.


      Even though, I've checked AC switching Characteristics of your datasheet,

      I didn't catch which value is correct for  below setting.


      Because all values of AC switching Characteristics are less than 10 ns.

      So it seems that below values are filled as 0 or 1.


      For your reference, Let me attached EMIF document.


      Could you kindly guide me how I calculate these?


      Thank you.


      TI Halcogen HMI


      CY7S1061GE30 datasheet