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    How to use 2-stage boot loader to download image file into internal SRAM and re-enumerate it as an UVC device ?


      Dear Sir,


      My CX3 board can connect different camera head board(different image sensor), I have to write unique camera driver for all of them, but it is difficult to integrate them all together into one firmware. CX3 firmware shall be programmed specifically while a specific camera head is attached. it is not convenient for my customer.


      So, I have to use usb-boot to download a specific firmware into internal SRAM and re-enumerate  it as an UVC device.


      rom boot loader is not suitable for my case, I will use 2-stage boot loader( provided by SDK 1.33 ) to finish this task by adding image sensor probe code.


      1:  add sensor probe code 


      second-stage boot loader will read chip-id from image sensor register by i2c bus


      2: add new vendor request for reading image sensor TYPE


      3: get img file from usb host and download them into internal SRAM


      4:  jump xx_ ENTRY address


      APP down loader  on host:


      1: read sensor TYPE by vendor request cmd

      2: download the specific .img file to CX3 internal SRAM

      3: send JUMP cmd to 2-stage boot loader


      4: UVC device will be found


      Is it reasonable and practicable ?


      Best regards.