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    External RF power amplifier


      I am using an external RF power amplifier SKY66111-11 which uses two control lines CTX and CRX to switch from TX to RX,

      I have seen some code which is confusing me see below.

      I am using P2-7 for the CTX and P2-6 for the CRX

      To transmit CTX = 1 and CRX = 0;

      To receive CTX = 0 and CRX = 1;

      To standby CTX = 0 and CRX = 0;

      The queastion is how do I control the SKY66111-11 from the link layer?  




                    *(uint32*)(CYREG_RADIO_TX_RX_MUX_REGISTER)&= ~RADIO_TX_RX_MUX_MASK;   /* Clear Previous mux selection */

                    *(uint32*)(CYREG_RADIO_TX_RX_MUX_REGISTER) |=  BLESS_MUX_INPUT_MASK;  /* Set BLESS as the source of the mux */

                    *(uint32*)(CYREG_BLE_BLESS_RF_CONFIG) |= RADIO_TX_RX_SEL; /* Select Tx enable & Rx enable signals from BLESS as input to mux */

      #endif /* End of #if TX_RX_GPIO_ENABLE */