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    Using CySmart API CyReadMultipleCharacteristicResult / byte count limited to 16

      Hi to everybody,


      based on the CySmart library (C#) I am working on a GUI to transfer data between a peripheral sensor and the Cypress BLE Dongle. I used the CySmart examples available.

      I like to get some informations from the sensor after the first connection as name, manufacturer, firmware version and so on.

      Using the API CyReadMultipleCharacteristicResult I get two problems:

      1. I am not shure how to use the API. I would like to have an example for this.


      My code based on the CySmart example is:


             /// GATT client callback class

              /// </summary>

              class GattClientCb : CyGattClientCallback


                  public CySmart.Common.Base.Compatibility.Net20.Action<CyReadMultipleCharacteristicResult, CyStatus> ReadMultipleChHandles { get; set; }

                  public override void OnReadMultipleCharacteristics(CyReadMultipleCharacteristicResult result, CyStatus status)


                      if (ReadMultipleChHandles != null)

                           ReadMultipleChHandles(result, status);




              //Read sensor infos

              private void Read_Sensor_Infos()


                  AutoResetEvent sync = new AutoResetEvent(false);

                  CyApiErr err = CyApiErr.OK;



      GATTClientEventCallback.ReadMultipleChHandles = (CyConnectResult, status) =>


                      //copy byte values to variables?





                  err = GattClient.ReadMultipleCharacteristic(new CyReadMultipleCharacteristicInfo




      2. The Callback ReadMultipleChHandles delivers only 16 bytes, not more.

      The length seems to be truncated to 16. The handle LABEL in my list alone has got 64 bytes. I tried something like the following changing the delivered length, but this doesn't work. What is going wrong?


      BLEManagerCallBack.GetDefaultDataLengthHandler = (result, status) =>


           //write debug line...





      Thanks for your help!