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    Generate software interrupt - Wiced

      My scenario is little time critical ,

      I have two threads ,one gives the sempahore and another waits&takes the semaphore. Once the semaphore is given it takes min of 1ms for context switch to acquire (by SYSTICK) the semaphore by the other thread, I want to speed this in range of microsec. I found that in ISR giving semaphore enables a context switching alongwith , without the SYSTICK interrupt/context switch.


      So I need to generate a software interrupt so that I can release semaphore with a concurrent context switch.

      How can I achieve this in Wiced IDE?

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          Instead of pushing your time critical calculation (data collection or attending a peripheral of the MCU), the time critical calculation could take place within the same thread. After time critical calculation, the calculated data could be sent to an other thread for processing, where time is not so critical. Do you think this would solve your time critical calculation issue?