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    PSoC 4200L USB: Does Cypress sub-license PIDs from their VID for commercial use?


      I am designing a product using PSoC 4200L and would like to use the built-in USB peripheral as a USB-to-UART interface without using a separate USB-serial bridge controller chip.  I'd like to know if Cypress sub-licenses PIDs from their VID for customers who are using Cypress devices and, if so, what is the contact information of the person/department who can handle such requests?


      The following posts indicate that Cypress will assign unique PIDs, but the process for such requests is unclear.  I tried contacting Cypress directly for this information but they simply redirected me to this forum.

      Using a CY7C64225 USB to UART Bridge Controller in a Customer Application with the Cypress VID - KBA81840

      Re: USB Vendor ID


      Thank you for your assistance.

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          It is mentioned on page#40 of this AN available at this link:


          Commonly, Cypress is asked if their VID can be used on a customer‘s end product. The answer to this question is ―"No". Cypress VIDs can be used in a development environment, but cannot be released in a production design. The main reason behind this is due to operating systems, such as Windows, remember the system files (inf file, driver, and so on) used by the device and loads them every time the device is attached. If our VID is used by our customers, then the possibility that another customer may use the same VID/PID for their product exists. In this case, as you can see, the end product may bind to a different driver and malfunction. Ultimately this causes trouble for the end customer.


          You can contact local Cypress FAEs/distributors for further help