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    Bonding Event in CYBLE_EVENT_T




      We are working with PSOC4 BLE 4.2

      I want to identify when a bonding event occurs to verify that it is indeed happening and print it out using UART and to control its operation (e.g. stop the bonding etc.)

      Under CYBLE_EVENT_T enum there is no such event. So how would you recommend I go about to identify such an event?



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          CYBLE_EVT_PENDING_FLASH_WRITE event triggers on successful pairing , if bonding information/CCCD needs to be store in Flash.


          Also , a global flag "cyBle_pendingFlashWrite" will be set by the BLE Stack if the bonding information needs to be store.


          The application has to monitor this flag and should store the bonding information in Flash by multiple call of CyBle_StoreBondingData(). Once the bonding information is stored , the global variable will be reset automatically by stack.


          Please refer "BLE_FindMe" from PSoC Creator Code examples ( PSoC Creator -> File -> Code Examples )



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