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    For S25FL128S, what's the meaning of tw(WRR Write Time) ?



      I am using the flash chips of CYPRESS,S25FL128SAGNFI000, but I have 2 questions that i don't understand..


      1, I want to configurate the SR1 and CR1, so, I write the WREN, WRR command, but at the 9.10 Embedded Algorithm Performance Tables, it says that the WRR write time is 500ms, what does this means?


      Does it mean that after I input the WRR command and set CS# high, I should wait for 500ms so that the value can be write into the chip ?

      And I can do another command only after 500ms?


      2,  About the control of the chip, Is this any order demand betweent the WRR and BE command ?

      (I think I should configurate the SR/CR and then I can input the BE command , Is this right? )


      looking forward to your reply~~thanks