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    CyUSB.dll OverflowException  win10 x64 VS2012/2013/2015 .net 4.0

      Dear cypress experts,


      I came a System.OverflowException when build with CyUSB.dll,at win10+x64+VS2012/2013/2015+.net4.0, build as debug+x64

      is there a CyUSB.dll for win10+x64+VS2012/2013/VS2015+.net4.0? or could I download the source code of CyUSB.dll and rebuild it?

      Thanks for your time。 Looking forward to your response.


      By the way, CyUSB.dll in CyUSB Suite 3.4.7 works fine when it's win7+x64+VS2012/2013/2015+.net4.0 or win10+x64+VS2010+.net4.0 or win10+x64+VS2012/2013/2015+.net 3.5. By at win10+x64+VS2012/2013/VS2015+.net4.0, this System.OverflowException will occur.

      Cyusb.dll 不支持 win10+.net4.0+VS2015+x64.png