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    CYBLE-222014-01 takes time to appear in scannings. What are we missing?

      Dear all,

      we are experimenting some issues while scanning our devices with CYBLE-222014-01. In fact, when we are running few dozens of devices (e.g. 20ish), they take some time to appear in scannings. The time that those devices take to appear in scannings do not depend majorly by scanning time, but it seems to depend majorly by the time that those devices have been running (e.g. 30 minutes). What are we missing?


      We are using CYBLE-222014-01 on our devices with last application and stack. These devices are used as peripheral nodes with advertisement parameters as: "general discovery", "connectable undirected", advertisement interval as random from 30ms to 100ms, all channels, "scan request and connect request from any", timeout disabled, and advertisement behavior as "factory default".

      We are currently using a custom android app, an android app from play store (i.e. Bluetooth LE Scanner), and cysmart to do our scannings. In cysmart we also tried several combination of scan window (i.e. from 10ms to 500ms) and scan interval (i.e from 500ms to 1000ms).


      Anyone can point us what were are doing wrong, please?


      All the best,