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    Dependent projects on CY8CKIT-043 kit


      I am trying to move project from the Pioneer Kit over to the CY8CKIT-043.


      The CY8CKIT-043 has two separate devices which have to be programmed separately, which seems a bit different than the Pioneer kit where the BLE HID Keyboard example project worked out of the box.


      I have two projects created and I am able to program the EZ BLE Module which is on the kit board and is working properly.


      How do I access the EZ BLE Module from the PSoC 4 project? The PSoC 4 receives keystrokes from about 14 GPIO and then sends those key-codes through the BLE module. How do I send from the PSoC to the EZ BLE on the kit board.


      It's sort of a simple application so if there is any other component set for this, such as just using one of the larger EZ-BLE modules, then please provide any information/documentation name that would provide that info. Thanks.


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          Hello Mark,


          In the kit, PSoC4200M does not have BLE component so it is showing errors when trying to program the "BLE_HID_Keyboard" example. You have to program any BLE example in EZ-BLE module(which is compatible with BLE component) and you can send data from PSoC 4200M to EZ-BLE module using UART communication as shown in attached image.




          P Yugandhar.

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            Is there a example project that shows how to communicate through the UART? I don't see one in the 100 examples in 100 days.


            I have added a reference to the BLE project from the PSoC project.


            Are there any examples specifically for these kit boards? It seems like an extra level of complexity that the standard samples don't seem to address.


            I guess I am just looking for information on how to send keystrokes from the PSoC to the BLE module, or if the BLE module can handle all that itself, since some of them have more than 15 GPIOs.

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              Can you please refer the UART communication example projects in the PSoC Creator which will give information on uart communication between two devices. This implementation we can use for PSoC 4200M to EZ-BLE module interface.




              P Yugandhar.

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