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    How to interface a controllerless TFT display to PSOC 6?


      Hi all,


      I'm pretty new to PSOCs and PSOC creator. I'm an EE. I use PICs for most of my stuff. A friend introduced me to PSOCs so I'm trying it/them.

      I have a pioneer kit (CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BT). It has a TFT shield. I downloaded and run "CE223726 - PSoC 6 TFT Display Interface with EmWin Graphics Library" demo. It works. I looked at the Graphic LCD Interface component (GraphicLCDIntf v1.8) and I didn't see any RAM. Most of the TFT supported seem to have a controller and driver with RAM in them. The PSOC in the kit itself seems to barely have enough RAM for a 480x272 (16BPP) TFT controllerless setup, 288KB RAM. I supposed the needed RAM could be external but I rather have it built-in the the mcu.


      Is it possible to implement a controllerless TFT display using GraphicLCDIntf and PSOC 6 (CY8C6247BZI-D54)? Is there another component for that?


      BTW I think I need to clarify what *I* mean by controller versus driver for a TFT. Most TFTs have drivers but not controllers. A driver does not have RAM or do anything more advance that drive the individual pixels (like Ilitek ILI6480BQ). Having a TFT with a controller makes the TFT  more expensive.