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    CX3OV5640Lib source code




      I am working on designing a camera interface for the OV5647 sensor.  As I understand it, the OV5647 is identical to the OV5640 except it doesn't support JPEG compression.  Due to the similarity, if I had the source code for the 5640 which is part of the EZ-USB FX3 SDK all I would have to do is modify the I2C address the current code uses to implement code for the 5647.


      Is there any way of getting this source code or at least a version of the library that allows modification of the SCCB/I2C address?




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          Hi Scott,


          The source code of ov5640.c is the confidential information so that we could not share with others here. Please contact to FAE of OmniVision to get the source code of OV5647.

          On on side, OmniVision will provide you not the whole file but the register address and its value according to your requirment.

          On the other side, we could provide you the framework of this source code without the reigster address and its value.


          You could just follow the steps below to get the framework.

          1. Click the icon


          2. Enter project name.


          3. Add resolutions which you want.


          4. Enter values in CX3 receiver configuration tab. Confirm all the parametes in the range required.


          5. Save all the files generated.


          6. Under project path, you will find cyimagesensor.c and cyu3imagesensor.h which you want.


          7. Fill up cyu3imagesensor.c and modify cyu3imagesensor.h if necessary.


          8. Build the project.

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            One more thing to be added here, the library for OV5640 is available along with SDK.

            The path is

            C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\fw_lib\1_3_3