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    how to stream using ov7670?



      I am using cypress fx3s, i want to stream from ov7670 camera module.

      Please tell step by step process to create video stream.

      I have created project using example AN75779. the project is configured for 16 bit y:cb:cr input.

      and the ov7670 supports only 8bits so what are the changes should be done in an75779 example?


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          - Modify the sensor initialization functions to suit your image sensor.

          - In case the image format/ resolution/ frame format is different from the one used in the application note, modify the descriptor information and the glProbeCtrl[] structure to suit your setup.

          - Modify the GPIF II state machine to 16-bit.

          - Change the LD_DATA_COUNT and LD_ADDR_COUNT values to 8183 since the bus width is 16-bit wide and generate the .h file to be included in your project.

          - In case you are using UART or SPI blocks in your design, make sure that the pins used for GPIF II and UART/SPI blocks are not overlapping. Kindly, refer to the "Pin Descriptions" section of the FX3 Datasheet for details.


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