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    CYBT-353027 MAC address after delivery

      Hello, we are developping a product based on module CYBT-353027.

      It seems that modules we receive are programmed with a MAC address formatted the following way:  "20:70:6A:20:XX:XX".

      This looks like the OUI part (Organisationally Unique Identifier) is set to  "20706", which looks lke the chipset familly embedded in the module 353027 module.

      Looks like a temporary debug MaC address, not like an official one.

      My question is the following:

      - Can we use this MAC address in our final product or do we have to program a real MAC address on the module during our factory End Of Line process (MAC address that would be provided by Cypress in a SerailNumber-MAC address database/file) ?


      Thank you for your help.

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          The module should be programmed with EZ-Serial and with a static random mac address. As the CYBT-353027 module is newly released, the ez-serial may not be programmed. The mac address "20:70:6A:20:XX:XX" is just for test in the factory. You need to programm a new mac address.

          You can either apply a new mac address in the IEEE website or just use a static random mac address.

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