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    PSoC 4, use XRES pin to hardware reset


      Hi All,


      I have a very (VERY) large scale PSoC 4 based BLE Mesh system. I am using an Android device to send a 40 byte message to one of the nodes, which sends the message through the BLE Mesh. Every once in a while, 1 or 2 out of 100 nodes get "stuck" in central mode and I can no longer communicate with them. I was first suspicious of the Android device possibly not disconnecting properly, but the nodes that do not disconnect are sometimes very far out of the Android device's range, thus the issue occurs far down line in the mesh. Since this event is pretty rare, I can't find the source of the issue. For now, i'd like to be able to reset the system so that it can restart and be "visible" again via advertisement.


      At any rate, I was wondering if I could somehow configure the XRES pin to reset the module via software. Is this possible?