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    S25FL128L sample code

      We are using S25FL128L interfaced with stm32f4 controller, writers working after that the data is readed it working fine and again i am writing some other data at the same location and we are reading that location means the data which we wires is not coming correctly.


      If we erase the chip fully means it was working on above scenario.


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          Hello Ohchandru_3775301,


          After programming initial data into a sector address location, and if new data is desired to be programmed into the same sector address location, a sector erase operation must be initiated, first, to accept the new data to be programming into the same sector address location.


          Help this helps...



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            Hi Albert,

            Thanks For the immediate response.


            For Every byte write, we have to do sector /page ERASE and WRITE or is there any buffer to memory option available?

            Any sample Code available?


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