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    PSOC 6 after programming programm not run




      I have next problem:


      I am working on PSoC 6 BLE PIONEER KIT. 1809SO06947. Core SY8C6347BZI-BLD53


      I have started work with example dual core blinking from code example. I have generated code, build it programm device. And I don't see any blinking.

      If I attach to core 0 using debugger I see that pc=0x00001F2C and if I make step pc doesn't change.

      If I set pc 0x10000130 (reset function) core 0 started work (press play). I see blinking all work correctly. I can attach to cor0 and cor4 with debugger.

      But as I know blinking should started automaticly after programming the board.

      In attachments you can see my project.



      Is anyone can help me solve the problem with programm execution starting?