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    Why CapSense sensitivity difference on 2 of the pins of PSoC 4?


      Hi, I'm working on a design using the CY8C4245AXI-483  (44-TQFP) , with most pins being used as touch-sensors.  I've noticed that two of the pins (P1[0] (pin 37)  and P1[1] (pin 38) seem to be quite a bit less sensitive than the other pins (they all go to the same-size copper electrodes).  I had to increase the bit count from 10 to 12 and reduce the threshold from 80 to 20 in order to get the same 'touchiness'.  Is there anything unique or different about these 2 pins?  I did notice that they are also Op-Amp inputs, could this be a factor?


      Thanks in advance...