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    Observer fails after ~5 minutes in high traffic environment




      I have a customer who is trying to be an observer to a number of “fob’s”.  PSOC4 BLE devices.  Each fob sends out a stream of 10 advertising packets when a button is pushed and the observer sees this and does an action.  This has been working well, and he’s had no issues…until he got to a trade show and had a high wireless traffic environment.


      In this condition, his Fobs would work for about 5 minutes then the observer would no longer respond to the advertising packets.  He concurrently has a connection between the observer and a phone where the device that is the observer is also a peripheral.  This connection continues to work fine with the phone being able to communicate with the device, only the observer function has died.


      Is there a known limitation with the PSOC 4 BLE which might require some buffer flushing or other housekeeping to keep the observer up and working in a high traffic environment?


      Please let me know, this is getting critical for the customer.



      Corey S. Wilner

      Fellow Field Applications Engineer


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          Please try to put the device in Whitelist and enable the observation scanning which will offload the BLE Host Stack from processing all of the advertisement packets from nearby devices. Also, let the broadcaster, broadcasts its packets at the maximum TX output level.


          You can configure the Whitelist filter policy in two ways -

          ->  In BLE component -> Open BLE component -> GAP Setting-> Scan Setting -> Filter Policy


          ->  In firmware ->



          cyBle_discoveryInfo.scanFilterPolicy=CYBLE_GAPC_ADV_ACCEPT_WHITELIST_PKT; //Filter Policy

          cyBle_discoveryInfo.discProcedure=CYBLE_GAPC_OBSER_PROCEDURE; // Observation Procedure

          CyBle_GapcStartDiscovery(&cyBle_discoveryInfo);// Start Observation Scanning