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    How do I update the Murata customized Yocto image to a newer version?




      I am currently using Murata's customized i.MX Yocto package to support the Cypress WLAN driver (fmac driver). I have been using the supplied Yocto recipes to build a Linux distribution for the i.MX6ull evk board, and it is working fine. Now I am about to start work on a custom made board, and I would like to update to a newer version of Yocto. I am using Murata's "1DX" Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module (on the EVK and for the custom board). The reason I want to use a newer version has to do with a particular Yocto supported package that has been updated and improved over the last 1 to 2 years.


      As far as I can tell, the Murata supplied Yocto setup is at version 2.2.1, code name Morty. Does Murata have any plans in the near future to update to Yocto version 2.5 (Sumo)? That is the latest stable release as of now. If not, how compatible will the meta-murata-wireless layer be with Sumo?