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    SDIO Slave Interrupt on CYW954907


      Hi. I have worked project with data transmission from STM32 (sdio master mode) to CYW954907 (sdio slave mode). I handle events by polling SDIOD status register, but I want do this with interrupt handler. So I have several quastions:


      1. What is handler name for SDIO slave? I assume this is  GSPI_SLAVE_ISR. So I use platform_gspi_slave.c example for enabling interrupt, but this is don't work.

      Interrupt enabling.

      platform_result_t platform_sdiod_enable_interrupt(void)


          platform_irq_remap_sink( OOB_AOUT_GSPI_SLAVE_INTR, SDIO_REMAPPED_ExtIRQn);


          return PLATFORM_SUCCESS;



      This my handlers.

      WWD_RTOS_DEFINE_ISR( platform_gspi_isr )


          printf("SDIO Slave ISR\n");




      WWD_RTOS_MAP_ISR( platform_gspi_isr, GSPI_SLAVE_ISR )


      Can somebody help?

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          I found solution: just need define GSPI_SLAVE_ENABLE for interrupt handlers table in platform_vector_table.c file:


                  .irqn  = SDIO_REMAPPED_ExtIRQn,

          #ifdef GSPI_SLAVE_ENABLE

                  .isr   = GSPI_SLAVE_ISR,


                  .isr   = SDIO_HOST_ISR,


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