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    "Select Debug Target" when trying to program Psoc4 after running Deep Sleep CY8CKIT-042 Code Example

      Dear madam/sir,


      I have recently purchased a CY8CKIT-042 (PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit) and decided to try out the code examples supplied by Cypress, see the following link and scroll down a bit:




      All went well until after I programmed the Deep Sleep example on my pioneer kit. The Deep Sleep program works .... well .... really well .... a bit too well ....


      But now I would love to try the next example, so I made the next example (in my case the PWM from the same example bundle). Having made that project active in PSoC Creator and using the Program button (Ctrl +F5) to load my Pioneer Kit with that example, the 'Select Debug Target' window appears. I didn't lose my fysical connection with my PC btw. So i tried both buttons on the PSoC trying to reset or whatever from this Deep Sleep loop. Unfortunately the PSoC stays awake only one second (1000ms). I tried several combinations of holding the buttons for a period of time, hoping to find an 'escape' from this DeepSleep program. I also tried the 'Port Acquire' option in the 'Select Debug Target' window which just resulted in an error message:


      Warning: dbg.M0039: There was an error running port acquire: Can not acquire SWD device!

      There was an error attempting to run the port acquire command. This is often a result of no supported devices being attached, or a device being used by another application. Ensure that everything is properly connected, and that no other application is using the device and try again.


      There are no additional Port Parameters to configure in the Port Settings, just 3 selected radio buttons (Power = External, Acquire Mode = reset and Max Clock Speed = 10MHz.


      Just for the record, in the 'Select Debug Target' window my PSoC does not appear.


      I am stuck here. Would somebody please tell me how I can program my PSoC again?


      Kind regards,


      Joeri van der Heijden