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    Psoc CY8Ckit-049-42xx Psoc 4 Prototyping Kits not connecting / unrecognized device


      I purchase a stack of Cy8CKit-49-42XXX kits about 3 years ago. Originally, I believe I had taken one out of the package, and plugged it in and it worked. Now, I take a brand new one out of the package, never opened, plug it in, it does not work - it lights up, my computer tells me the device is unrecognized, and it sits - psoc can't program it - the programmer can't detect it - what do I do? I have a bunch of these, I even pulled a second one out of the package, none of them seem to work. I have two left, unopened. These were stored in a dry place, on my bookshelf.


      What gives?