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    Reading I2C data from MAX17043 with PSoC 4 CY046 issue

      Hi Guys,


      I need help regarding making MAX17043 to work with my PSoC CY046. So I have some initial code based from this reference which uses arduino instead.

      Here is the snippet code that I have derived based from that but the problem is like this:

      So I have been trying to read the configuration of MAX17043 with my PSoC device but I can't get anything from its buffer. On the other hand, I have tried using arduino with the given library for MAX17043 instead and it works well. Another thing is I have tried to create a dummy slave using arduino to check if PSoC was able to communicate with it and it looks working well as I see received and response data in serial monitor of arduino. So I'm not sure what could be wrong with this.


      My I2C settings was: