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    CY8C4245-AXI clock does not run at 48MHz


      I have build several identical custom boards with a CY8C4245AXI. On some boards I notice that the controller does not run as fast as it should.

      I have removed all parts except the capacitors for the controller, still the controller is slow.

      The controller is powered by the Miniprog3.

      A test application only has a timer and one output pin.

      There are no warnings during build.

      Here is what I observe:


      clock set to 48MHZ

      timer should generate a 200kHz signal

      running at 3.3V: output signal is 59kHz (slow)

      running at 2.5V: output signal is 200kHz (ok)


      clock changed to 24MHz

      output signal now should bei 100kHz

      running at 3.3V: output signal is still 59kHz (same as with 48MHz clock!)

      running at 2.5V: output signal is 100kHZ (ok)


      I have at least 5 controllers that show this behaviour. And there are about 20 other controllers that run as expected.


      Why do some controllers run slowly at 3.3V?