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    Needed: Project for Fingerprint Scanner module - TTL (GT-521F32)


      Hello everyone,


      I am interested in having the Fingerprint Scanner module - TTL (GT-521F32) be part of my personal project. However, all codes, libraries, tutorials, etc. on the internet are available for the Arduino platform, but not for the PSoC Creator. Can anyone help me get this module run properly on my CY8KIT-042 Pioneer Kit.


      The header file and .c file for this module are available on GitHub - sparkfun/Fingerprint_Scanner-TTL: Repository with example code for SEN-14585 & SEN-14585 at SparkFun.com but they need some tweaking to have them run properly on PSoC Creator. I tried to add all required library files in the Project, but still there are some issues related to libraries being missing and compatibility of c and c++.