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      Hello all,


      I have designed the custom hardware for the 20719 B1 cypress BLE. When I flash the Hello_sensor demo code. The Bluetooth is not advertising. If flash the same code into the evaluation kit then it is advertising. What could be the issue please suggest me. I have attached the hardware design file to this query. Please find the attached file.



      Best Regards,

      Rawootray PAtil.

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          The Eval board, by default, will download the code over HCI UART interface.

          In the Schematic you have attached I don't see the connections for the HCI UART, instead SWD IO & CLK are shown.


          How are you programming the boards. UART or SWD?

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            Hi Winston,


            We are programming the boards via UART not SWD. I have attached the full schematic to this post. Please find the attached file.


            Best Regards,

            Rawootray Patil.

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              Have you tried the recovery procedure ? I do not see the provision for the recovery switch.


              1) Keep the Recovery Switch pressed.

              2) Press the Reset Switch for 1 Sec or so.

              3) Release Recovery Switch.

              4) Download the code.


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                Hi WinstonF_61


                We have connected the external switches to recovery and reset pins. We are able to flash the code successfully. We have tried as you suggested.  But, the BLE is not advertising.


                I just want to clarify one thing. Earlier we have designed the hardware for the same BLE. But the PCB was 4 layer PCB. These boards are working perfectly. Now we designed 2 layer PCB which is giving the problem (Not advertising). Is this really it gives the problem and not work in two layer PCB and works perfectly in four layer PCB.? I just want the clarification on this.



                Best Regards,

                Rawootray Patil.

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                  Our eval board uses 4 layer PCB.

                  As of now please go ahead with 4 layer PCB.

                  I have forwarded the request to our hardware team to evaluate 2 layer PCB for 20719.



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