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    256kB EEPROM sufficient for bootimage?

      Hi everyone,


      in my project I want to stream thermal video data via USB. The FX3 acts as a bridge between a FPGA and the USB-Host. Further I use  the TI HD3SS3220 Type C Portcontroller.


      The FX3 should communicate to the Portcontroller via I²C and the FPGA will send its data via the slave fifo interface, which i want to make 32 bits wide. The FX3 won't have to manipulate the data, as the FPGA will do all the processing.

      So, if I understood this right, I could keep the power domain of the SPI unpowered, if I boot the FX3 from I²C-EEPROM.


      I'm worried to get in trouble with the Bootimage size, as I have no experience with the FX3. Do you think the 256kB are sufficient? Or should I consider using a larger Flash memory?


      Thank you for your support

      Best regards