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    Nebula board semantic error



      I'm having a problem with the NEB1DX_01 platform. Right now my code needs to use WICED_BUTTON1 which is WICED_GPIO_55 in NEB!DX_01 platform.h. However, I have an error "Symbol WICED_GPIO_55". Someone on the forum has already answered that's a problem with Eclipse IDE, but when I compiled the code, it compiled without error.  When I push BUTTON1 on the board, it doesn't turn on the LED1. I have also tried it with a new board, in case the old one had some problem with the LED. But it doesn't turn on also. So what should I do in this case? Trying to reinstall the program doesn't work also.


      The function which I used is: wiced_gpio_input_irq_enable(WICED_BUTTON1,IRQ_TRIGGER_FALLING_EDGE,button_isr,NULL);



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