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    Read/write external NOR flash fails using custom SPI pins



      I'm using cyusb3014 (not reference kit) fx3 controller to read/write extrenal NOR flash(MT25QU01GBBB8E12) using custom Spi pins using the example code given along with the SDK. The example code used for this purpose :


      C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\firmware\serialif_examples\cyfxusbspigpiomode.

      Gpio pins used for this are:

      Gpio[36] -CLK

      Gpio[35] -SS

      Gpio[33] -MISO

      Gpio[34] - MOSI.

      When i try to read the firmware ID using the vendor command (0xB0), i got the id successfully.

      But when i try to read/write data using the vendor commands, it seems to get stuck at CyFxSpiWaitForStatus() function.


      Is there anything i need to take care before read/write flash?