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    For S25FL128S, when does the WIP turn 1 at the bulk erase operation?



      I am using the flash chips of CYPRESS,S25FL128SAGNFI000, but I have a question that i don't understand..


      At the Erase part, 9.6.3,

      "As soon as CS# is driven into the logic high state, the erase cycle will be initiated. With the erase cycle in progress, the user can

      read the value of the Write-In Progress (WIP) bit to determine when the operation has been completed. The WIP bit will indicate a 1

      when the erase cycle is in progress and a 0 when the erase cycle has been completed."


      here the question:

      At first , the WIP should be 0.

      1,when the CS turn to low and input the bulk erase instruction to the chip, and then the CS goes high. At this operation, when the WIP turn to 1?



      Thanks for your help.