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    USB Usage D-pad Up (0990)


      I am still working on a CY8KIT-059 based console / user interface device.  At present, it looks like I should change my joystick into a gamepad that maps thing pretty much the same as an X-Box controller, at least that seems like it will have better Windows software support.  I found a HID report (http://euc.jp/periphs/xbox-pad-report-desc.txt) for an XBox controller but it includes a Usage D-pad up/down/left/right that I can't find in PSOC creator.  I does exist in hut1_12v2 (https://www.usb.org/document-library/hid-usage-tables-112 ) USB specification.


      Is the usage hidden somewhere I just can't find?  Is there a way for me to add Usage types to the PSOC tool?  Can I create a report that has a different usage, export the xml, manually edit the xml and then import as a work around?