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    FCC certification - is there a requirement for calibration of each PCB (to compensate for PCB manufacturing variations) ?



      In our design we are switching from using an external BLE Module (past) to our own PSoC 4 BLE solution (future) where we used the PSOC withcertified BLE stack plus our own custom firmware.

      Also we use the cypress recommended design antenna.


      We will of course run the FCC certification and familiar with the process for BLE modules.


      I heard that when as part of FCC requirements developing your own PCB then you might need to run a calibration process in production for each PCB to compensate for PCB manufacturing variations.


      I am sure that from functional point of view we don't need it.

      I just wonder about the regulatory requirements.


      Can someone confirm / disproof this?

      If the answer is yes then can you point to the location of this FCC requirement?

      If the answer is yes can someone please explain what is the procedure?