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    CYBLE-224110-00 with OTA Upgradable Stack



      I am using CYBLE-224110-00 BLE module on a custom pcb with an application and the OTA upgradable stack in the Creator workspace.

      The BLE component in the application is set at -6dBm tx power, and in the firmware  the PA/LNA is set in high power Mode in the BLE CYBLE_EVT_STACK_ON.

      Shall these settings be applied to the BLE component in the Upgradable Stack project or bypass the PA/LNA?

      The problem is: while switching to OTA bootloader, the device is not shown advertising by the Android client app, but it is detected normally when running the application. So there must be some issue with the tx settings while using the BLE component from the OTA upgrade firmware.

      What is advisable to configure the BLE and PA/LNA for the OTA side?