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    Bluetooth SIG Certification/QDID Assigments


      I'm not convinced that the QDID listing on the BT website for the BCM920736S is correct.

      Declaration ID B021675 for QDID 51750 for Design Name "BCM20732/BCM20736/BCM20737" says the Product Type is "End Product". But the RIN (BCM20732_RIN1.doc) says it is for Product Name BCM20732S and the Product Type Declaration section says "The Broadcom BCM20732S is listed as a Bluetooth Component Product"


      Declaration ID D022301 for QDID 61027 for Design Name "BCM20732 / BCM20736 / BCM20737 / BCM20738" says the Product Type is "Component". But the RIN (BCM20732_RIN-update.doc) says it is for Product Name BCM20732S. In fact, the document is almost identical to the BCM20732_RIN1.doc, excepting date changes and the addition of three profiles.


      Shouldn't these documents refer specifically to the BCM920736S or BCM920737S?

      Shouldn't they refer to a particular SDK version?

      If we use a BCM920736E, with external antenna, does this necessitate a new QDID because the radio characteristics change due to the antenna?

      What constitutes a "change which may affect Bluetooth functionality" (wording from the RIN template). Most products which use a module add services and characteristics. Obviously these change Bluetooth functionality, but there are no BT SIG automated test for vendor-specific profiles, so it doesn't make sense to make a new QDID component listing just because the firmware has some unique features.

      If we're only targeting BT 4.0 functionality, we use the BCM920736S and we only add services and characteristics which are not SIG-defined, can we refer to QDID 51750 in our end product listing?