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    HX2VL-CY4608 Host cannot access devices in Bus power mode



      I'm evaluating HX2VL-CY4608 development bord of CY7C65632. Host can access devices in self-power mode using 5V DC supply. But it cannot access them in bus-power mode. I appreciate your adivce in advace.


      1-1 CY4608 board setting

            J5(I2C_EEPROM_PWR): short, SW1: 5V_Internal_Regulator, JP1 open

            picture of board is attached


      1-2 EEPROM configuration

          Based on 4port_HX2VL.iic downloaded from cypress web site.

          remobal port      :00

          number of ports :04

          maximum power :FA(500mA)


      2 test result

      2-1 In self power mode

           Host can access all 4 ports.


      2-2 In bus-power mode

          Host detect 2.0hub CY4608 by windows device manager as USB controller.

          It can access mouse(pointing device).

          But Host cannnot access devices(USB memory , USB camera). PC issues error message "Power exceed USB hub power supply ability".




      S. Kamae