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    Not able to connect Cisco Aironet AP in 2.4 GHz




      I am evaluating the cypress CYW943907AEVAL1F module. And I am using the SDK version I am using a tcp_client example and tried to connect to the Cisco AP. I am not able to connect to the AP neither in security mode nor in the open mode. I took the wireless captures and observed the basic association process also did not start. then I used the snip. scan example from the SDK to see whether the AP is updated in scan list and not seen the AP in the list. But I  was able to connect the same AP in 5 GHz with open and WPA2 security.

      Moreover, Mobile devices were able to connect to the same Cisco AP in 2.4 GHz so the AP seems to be proper in connection wise.

      I am attaching the captures here FYR. As per the captures, probe response was seen every time  for the probe request from the cypress module.

      Can anyone please explain me this behavior.